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In 449 AD the Northern Germanic invasion of Briton pushed the surviving British population West to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland and North to Scotland. Even Swedes and Germans were “swarthy.” French certainly were. So Franklin would not have considered me white, since my family is French and German. We’re swarthy. We do have some Scottish, but if the Swedish are swarthy I suspect he thought the Scottish were, too. Swedes do get rather swarthy when out in the sun, Anglos cannot acquire proper tans, at least not pure-blooded Anglos Anonymous 01/21/21(Thu)07:43:37 No. 10296733 It seems when you read stuff from the 16th century to mid 17th century, the moors are usually depicted as black. For instance, in the play ‘The English Moor’ written in 1640, there’s a scene where a female character dresses as a moor to disguise herself.

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Sounding moral in the antebellum interlude. 2.3.2. Sounding ethnic at the century's end. 2.4.


Incidentally, I know a lot of Swedes who are dark haired, dark eyed, and have darker skin than the typical Swedish stereotype. My husband is one of them: everyone in his family either has the blonde-blue-eyed Norse God look, or the swarthy thing. I think it's probably Saami genes somewhere in their past.

2021-04-10 · Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.

Swarthy swedes

2008-08-27 · The Swedes had a colony, New Sweden, approximately covering what is now the State of Delaware, down river from Philadelphia. There were never that many colonists in New Sweden & it would appear that many of them were not actually Swedish but Walloons & Palatine Germans - both of whom would have appeared swarthy to the fairhaired English colonists from East Anglia who settled Franklin's

Swarthy swedes

History, tradition, phenotypes, what exactly? :confused: 2006-09-13 2012-01-04 The aboriginal Britons (England, Wales ,Scotland) were described by Tacitus, ancient Roman as swarthy, short and curly haired. So what happened to those original swarthy black Britons? In 449 AD the Northern Germanic invasion of Briton pushed the surviving British population West to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland and North to Scotland. Swedish People - Page 26 - AnthroScape "Used to?" Those with a sense of irony may recall that Benjamin Franklin, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, warned that the newly liberated colonies should be wary of allowing Germans to immigrate, because they were too swarthy; Swedes as well. Why would Ben Franklin call Germans and Swedes "swarthy"?

Swarthy swedes

Event Horizons, Revisited · 3. A Swarthy Swede,  8 Mar 2018 father, born in 1891, was nicknamed “Black Jack” Bouvier for his swarthy complexion. John Hanson was not black, he was Swedish. Swedish superstars, Jenny Lind (1820–1887) and Christina Nilsson (1843–. 1921), performed the slavers were often swarthy immigrant men.”39 Arguably  av PA Rudling · 2011 — Whereas this name applies properly only to immigrants from the Hapsburg province of Galicia, Scandinavians employed it as a derogatory term for “all Slavic people, and it is indiscriminately used for others, including Greeks.
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white people can be swarthy. why the fuck do you think there are sayings like “wogs start at calais.” basically, my belief now is to that you won’t budge from your position and will figure out a way to engage in word-play so that all early indo-europeans were “white” however you “define” “them”. The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity, or to refer to them in a derogatory (that is, critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or otherwise insulting manner. My great Uncle Hilmar had sandy red colored hair and they are brothers! So you can't always go by that.

Why did Benjamin Franklin call Swedes "swarthy"?
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In an influential pamphlet, Benjamin Franklin warned against allowing people of “ swarthy complexion” to enter the United States. His worry focused particularly 

We do have some Scottish, but if the Swedish are swarthy I suspect he thought the Scottish were,  AdjectiveEdit.